Learn the Songs of Pesach

We are just over a week away from Pesach and I’m sure you are doing well on your Pesach cleaning, right?! Well while you are continuing your hunt for the last little bit of chametz, give your kids the task of learning these Pesach songs. It will keep them out of your hair for a little bit!

Echad Mi Yodea

Learn the Ten Plagues

Get The Youngest Kid Working on Ma Nishtana (The Four Questions)


Chad Gadya

How To Use Choice Activities

Children thrive on choice! Activities which match their unique way of learning provide motivation to learn a new topic. We have compiled a Choice Activities menu which will allow your kid to show what they know by completing an activity of their choice. Each Choice Activity has a set of minimum requirements to help guide your kid through the project.

Choice Activities can be used in conjunction with educational videos, reading a Bible story, learning a teaching of Yeshua and much more.

Behold! Messianic Jewish Education Resources

Behold! Messianic Jewish Education, our parent company, has mapped which topics should be covered each year from Pre-K to 6th Grade in the areas of Hebrew learning, Jewish practice, holidays, discipleship to Yeshua (Jesus) and Torah study. Our community resource library links available resources to each of those topics.

Head on over and check out the resources we have found just for you! There are many suggestions for great faith based books to read to your little disciple of Yeshua!

Duolingo – Learn Another Language

If your kids haven’t already started to learn a language through Duolingo, now is the time! We are partial to their Modern Hebrew course, for obvious reasons, but any language is a good language to learn.

They can also have some healthy competition on practice time with friends and family through the in app leader board.

PJ Library Resources for Quarantined Families

The PJ Library has compiled a great list of resources for families who are stuck at home. You will find resources for family together time, babies and toddlers, learning languages, arts & crafts and much more.

They are also providing daily live and prerecorded book readings and arts & crafts on the PJ Library Facebook page.